Mrs. Lilien

Stylist, Mrs. Lilien looking fantastic in a red Launderette Shuffleboard.

We met Mrs. Lilien serving up her signature Lemonades at a summer social last year. Delightful as her site would lead you to believe, she’s now on Facebook, so you should check her out there too.

Thanks for making us look good Lil’!
*thx for the heads up tiffjord



UIterior Design

Not all of you may know this – When she’s not designing clothes for Launderette, our Leslie is designing beautiful interiors and living spaces for others. And congratulations are in order, as she’s launched her new website: Leslie Paugh Interior Design.

It’s quite an attractive place. Take a peak at her work & blog in the link above, and you’ll start wanting to remodel your whole trip.

Winter Coat

A jacket is like a man’s purse. You can take it off and on easily and it will hold everything you need to without filling your pant pockets. Now that winter’s in full swing, a good coat is indispensable. Finding one that doesn’t seem like it should be summiting peaks however; is another task all together.

We thought we’d round up some cold weather winners to help you frame the tie around your neck.

Apolis waxed cotton, (detachable) lined – USMC Jacket

Owner/Operator  Clean, classic nylon waterproof shell – 111b Parka

J.Crew  Durable, with rear-loading “game pockets” – Trapper Jacket


Christmas Mix 2011

Compiled with love and festive cheer, this gets harder every year:

1) Funky Christmas – James Brown
2) Santa Claus Is Back In Town – Elvis Presley
3) Snow Girl – Ron Winter
4) A Beguiled Christmas In Sales – Jason Collett
5) Christmas Ghosts – The Raveonettes
6) Glory, Glory – Al Green
7) Home We Won’t Cry At Christmas Time – Oldfolks Home
8) Still Still Still – Sunfall Festival
9) Sexy Baby Christmas Mine – Morphine
10) Baby, it’s Cold Outside – Bing Crosby & Doris Day
11) What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? – Ella Fitzgerald
12) Snow Day – Matt Pond PA
13) Thanks For Christmas – XTC
14) Frosty The Snowman – Cocteau Twins
15) Hey Guys! It’s Christmas Time! – Sufjan Stevens
16) Christmas Party – The Walkmen
17) Silent Night – Nat King Cole
18) Let’s Make Christmas Mean Something This Year – James Brown
19) Bonus – National Geographic

Download Full Mix

(2010 Christmas Mix)

(2009 Christmas Mix)

Screening Room – Rudy

There’s a lot to be learned from this one. First and foremost, your pants are probably too long. You need to find opportunities to sing with your friends. Maybe this is the season you wear an ascot.

This songs always been so good, we thought you should see the video directed by Martin Baker. Steal some backwards dance moves. Two-tone rudies, lift ya feet!

Big In Japan

Keith, of the Launderette design team is featured in the January 2012 issue of Free & Easy magazine!
We couldn’t be more proud to be a part of a magazine we’ve admired for so long.
Brush up on your Kanji and read Keith’s profile & ramblings on favorite footwear.

(Look real close, and you may get a peak at the next Launderette tie.)

Giving of Thanks

We are thankful for all your support this year – Your good taste, your purchases, and readership.
Our sincere gratitude from all (3) of us here at Launderette,  Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Movies

Best Thanksgiving movies is a tough category. Garfield had a halfway decent special (spoiler: lasagna), but actual movies… Here are our favorites.

Fantastic Mr. Fox – This is autumnal perfection. The whole film is like a brisk early-evening sunset with colored leaves underfoot and good jokes. Highlight: Willem Dafoe playing a sinister Westside Story rat.

The New World – English ships arrive in Jamestown, native tribes investigate, transcontinental romance blossoms. It doesn’t get more Thanksgiving than this. Highlight: Incredibly beautiful “Injun” dresses.

Dad Movies – In asking a friend about this, he mentioned he and his dad always watched The Great Escape on Thanksgiving. This is perfect. Any movie that gets your dad pumped. Highlight: All the spice drops you can handle.

Best of Costumes

Tough luck at the Halloween Superstore? We’re not surprised. Try these do-it-yourself costumes for your kids and your munchkin will be the hit of the parade.



You’d be Lion if you don’t think this is adorable.

Maiden Voyage

Coos and Hoots

Gnomes, they’d look cute in your garden

Pretty, pretty peacock

Give this kid some spinach, pureed

Twin Peaks

Which Twin Peaks siren will you be inspired by this Autumn?

Audrey Horne

J. Crew sweater in heather saddle; Land’s End pleated skirt

Donna Hayward

Ralph Lauren hunting shirt; Urban Outfitters mens vest

Annie Blackburn

Oscar de la Renta vintage shirt; Madewell silk skirt

Log Lady

Polo vintage red horn rim glasses; Lands End collared cardigan